Sandbanks Summer Village

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More from Past Guests!

A few more comments from past guests at Sandbanks Summer Village! You have a beautiful cottage. We’ve enjoyed our stay here and all the amenities. The property is wonderful we enjoyed the pool, lakeside marshmallow roasts and sunny days at the Sandbanks Park. This ...

Our Blog is live again!

Man, it’s been a long time – but we’re back! We are so excited to be live again, ready to jump into sharing even more for our guests arriving throughout the summer. Please be patient, as we come up with amazing and exciting topics ...

New Cottage Models

Sandbanks Summer Village has three new cottage styles for 2015 for you to choose from: The Hallowell, The Meadows and The Northport. These styles will be built with the same love and quality craftsmanship as our other successful models.