Sandbanks Summer Village

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Move-In Ready

Owning a cottage doesn’t have to mean more work. When you purchase a cottage at Sandbanks Summer Village, one of the real benefits is… we do the work. Now you can buy a cottage that is already built and furnished with the basics so you can just move-in.

Located in the Meadows Neighbourhood, these 2 bedroom cottages offer a close location to the family pool and amenities and is just a 10 minute walk to the waterfront. These cottages also offer options such as a 2nd bath, deck or screened porch and various locations.

All appliances are included and a warranty will be extended to the end of your first season.

When you move in, you will have the basics including: beds, dresser, sofa and other seating, table and chairs, tv’s, BBQ, all kitchen requirements. All you need to do is add some of your own personal style and make it your own. Look at the photos of one owner who purchased a Pre-Built cottage and with some small touches, created a cozy and comfortable vacation property.

Move In Ready Cottages in the Meadows start at $209,900 including HST. No furniture to buy, no hassle.

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