Don’t let the fluctuating weather of Prince Edward County ruin your cottage getaway!

For a local adventure, you can try things the county way and do a “Prince Edward County Horn Trip” (a local road trip) touring around and visiting local wineries, breweries, and taking in some of the grand, wet, sites of the county.

For some indoor fun, how about taking a step back into the shoes of the loyalists? By hitting up some of the local museums in Ameliasburgh, Wellington, Picton and Milford, you can gaze in awe at how they used to live before technology and take a walk in their footsteps.

Want to just sit back and kick your feet up? How about a movie! With three theatres nearby, the Regent Theatre in Picton, the Mustang Drive In theatre on County Rd 1, and the Galaxy Cineplex in Bellville, host a variety of movies that will be tickle the interest of your party.

Feeling artsy? You can find a variety of workshop classes in the Baxter Arts Centre in Bloomfield, or the Studio Barn in Picton. If you would rather look than create, there are lots of local galleries and studios to add that burst of creativity into your trip.

For the rainy day shopping spree, the main streets in Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington and Consecon are home to some fun, crafty, and quirky stores to make those souvenirs extra special. For a completely indoor shopping experience with its own little train, give the Quinte Mall a try in Belleville.

Need to work off some energy and steam? The Rhino Sports & Play land in Belleville is a great location to climb on their rock wall, use their sports simulator, or play on their ice rink!

Wet weather making you want to curl up with a hot drink and a book on your lap? Books and Co in Picton and Chapters in Belleville are the purrfect locations to do so! Books and Co also has a very friendly feline friend to help brighten up even the dreariest days.

If a little water isn’t enough to put you off going outside, Prince Edward County has 3 provincial parks (Sandbanks, North Beach, and Lake on the Mountain), as well as multiple conservation areas where you can view the wonders of nature without the cluster of tourists.